CASAMBI VOICE: a new technology at your hand… and voice!

Entity presents CASAMBI VOICE, an innovative interface which allows the control of DALI fixtures both from CASAMBI App (Bluetooth) and through vocal commands given to AMAZON ALEXA / GOOGLE HOME assistants (Wi-Fi). The two systems, CASAMBI and AMAZON ALEXA / GOOGLE HOME, are interdependent, they communicate and update each other.

In a global and increasingly competitive market, where the majority of innovations happen at a software level, CASAMBI VOICE represents an authentic revolution, unique of its kind. The device, completely designed and engineered by Entity, is ahead of its time and raises the level of remote control possibilities to unthinkable standards.

No one – until now – dreamed it, conceived it, produced it!

A NEW TECHNOLOGY AT YOUR HAND AND VOICE, an absolute novelty for the lighting sector, covered by “patent pending”.

The device is available in two versions:

- installed into the adapter for MULTISYSTEM and EVOLUTION low voltage tracks produced by A.A.G. Stucchi, leading companyin the design and manufacturing of tracks which distinguish themselves for the exclusive design (EN1812 CASAMBIVOICE)

- installed into a plastic box developed by Entity, ideal for independent uses (EN1728 CASAMBI VOICE).