about Us

Entity Elettronica is today one of the leading and best known italian companies in the design and development of electronic boards for civil and industrial use and for the LED.
Constantly committed to seeking intelligent solutions for greater technological innovation, Entity Elettronica's progress stems from a forward-looking approach.
Passion, enthusiasm and dynamism come from the early days, and have been increased over time by new staff and important partnerships that have consolidated this leading position in our market.

Research and Development

The Research and Development department consists of professionally Engineers focused on innovation and improvement.

Our Customers' Success

Our Customers' success is the first and foremost of our company's objectives, as well as being our success too.

Experience and quality

Quality involves every aspect of the company: from the choice of machinery, to the selection of the best components available on the market, to the control of the various phases of the production process, to the quality of the services provided.

made in italy

The whole design process takes place within the company and every stage is carried out in the strictest compliance of Made in Italy.

Our Numbers

375 active customers

30 countries around the world

8 official distributors

3 production facilities in China, Bulgheria and China

66 35 employees in 2013 + 31 at sales

400 items in our catalogue